The name Anoush (pronounced "Ah-noosh") has many meanings, our favorite being an Armenian word used as a toast to good health and prosperity. Anoush members bring a unique but very old and traditional dance style to Arkansas audiences with dance sets from around the world. Suites from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, the British Isles, and Serbia are examples of presentations given. Dancers wear authentic costumes representing the respective countries and regions to enhance the experience.

Anoush, a Fayetteville, Arkansas-based dance troupe, was formed in December of 1999. Most members of the company had been dancing with the Fayetteville International Folk Dancers (FIFD) for many years. The troupe has performed in schools, at festivals and multi-cultural events in Arkansas and Oklahoma, as well as Silver Dollar City’s World-Fest in Branson, Missouri as representatives of the National Folk Organization. We would be delighted to bring a demonstration of ethnic dance to audiences at your locations and events.

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